FINE-TUNING is a project for professional development and further education of film workers, art and film students, as well as other experts in audiovisual art and culture.

The principle idea of this program is to focus on concrete problems in cinema, and to reflect on them more closely through various workshops and lectures in order to resolve them in the best possible way. The basis for a more profound and diverse understanding of the matter at hand is providing opportunities for film professionals, from all over the world, to interact and link, while at the same time bringing about the establishment of a modern model for film preparation, production and distribution among local authors.

Another important goal of “Fine-tuning” is to introduce film professionals from different fields of work to their related disciplines.

The program consists of two blocks in which lectures and workshops focused on a particular segment of film industry are being organized every weekend in host-institutions. All planned programs will be documented and published in order to provide detailed information on  master classes and case studies.